Architecture of an operating system




Lab calsses

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Topical plan

  1. Operating system goal: unification, separation, logging. OS interfaces: program-oriented, command-oriented, UI. OS architecture: monolith/modular/mixed
  2. Classical flower-like architecture: kernel, kernel modules; services, utilities, applications. Competency separation.
  3. Command-oriented interface: utilities and shell. Command input/output/control flows. Assumption of human-readable/writable nature of command data flows. Commandline interface: principle and examples. POSIX shell command-line interface: basic syntax and commandline conventions.
  4. Utilities as command-line syscall wrappers (files, processes etc.)
  5. Shell syntax, I/O redirection
  6. Text processing utilities, regular expressions
  7. Pre-system boot stages
  8. POSIX-like system initializing, daemons
  9. SystemD model of interactive service control
  10. Application libraries, message bus.
  11. GUI orchestrating, widgetsets
  12. Free/Open source Distribution lifecircle: packages, repository, package manager

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