03.1 Installing Simply Linux 9 as VirtualBox guest


Suppose you know how to install and operate VirtualBox.

This is quick VM setup screen:

Boot your VM from ISO image, select «LiveCD» menu

Wait through initial boot sequence until a desktop is appeared

To install, just click «Install on hard disk»

Then click all the way down almost all screens. Initial one.

License one. You need to read a license and agree to it. Simply Linux is Free_and_open-source_software, with a couple of legal freely redistributable proprietary parts (mostly firmware and artwork).

Select preferrable time zone here.

Disk partitioning is the most tricky part of the installations process. But, since we're installing to the virtual environment, we can just erase all the virtual disk (actually just a file on your filesystem) space without any trouble

Captain Obvious wants to warn you: if you press a button marked ‘destroy all data,’ it is almost certain to disagree with your disk, sooner or later.

Here is like software installation starts…

…And here is how it finishes.

Now you can select, where to install boot loader. As always, the default will do.

Now you shall select a good and fit password for superuser

By the way. This kind of passwords is easy to remember and fairly secure

Now you shall select a password for the first ordinary user

Installation is done.

Now shut your VM down


You need to either «remove» the ISO image from virtual CD drive, or change the VM's boot sequence. After reboot you should see something like this:

Then your VM will boot an installed OS.

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